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Artist's Statement

There are two elements in art that I love. Line and colour. I try to always bring these together in my paintings.

I can never really explain why I paint the way I do. My work does not contain any 'deep and meaningful' messages or political or social comment, it is simply to share the joy that colour and the shape of familiar objects can bring to the viewer.

I have always painted, even as a child, but only began to take it seriously about thirty years ago. It was a conscious decision not to attend formal art school but rather to find the right teachers. I found teachers who practised the type of art that I loved and admired. The first of these was the inspirational Mirka Mora who advised me to paint every day for ten years in order to understand art. I did exactly that!

Over the years, I have had the teaching and wisdom of several extremely good teachers. From each one, I have learned something, especially from the late Ross Davis. I loved his 'Lyrical Expressionist' style of work and I attended and studied at his school in Mallorca on a number of occasions. His philosophy on all aspects of art had a great influence on my work in the way I use colour and design.

My studio has been located for the last few years in the old Abbotsford Convent in Melbourne. It is an ideal atmosphere and a privilege to be working alongside such a great group of talented and enthusiastic people.

- Yvonne Patton